At the Allen Law Group, we took a laborious and demanding process and created a systematic approach to facilitate your short sale from document collection all the way to settlement. Our staff works hard to provide back office short sale support for Realtors who don’t have the time or do not wish to process facilitate the short sale themselves. We know that successful short sales require a dedication to nursing the file from beginning to end which includes educating the homeowner, complete documentation gathering prior to receiving a ratified contract, consistent follow up with the bank and conveying all information including counter offers, and terms of the release for the homeowner. This valuable service allows Realtors to save precious time and allow them do what they do best – sell the home and sell market more real estate.

Our step-by-step process begins as soon as a Real Estate Agent receives a Listing Agreement. Just send it to us and we will get in touch with you and your seller(s) to begin the document collection process – even if you don’t yet have a contract. We take time to answer the homeowners’ questions, collect all the necessary documents from them, and work with the bank to try to get the short sale approved.

The Allen Law Group provides a general status update every Friday to all parties involved. This keeps everyone in the loop giving a sense of security and accountability.

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